2011-02-10 / Sam Bari

Is anyone paying attention?

You can’t beat a system you can’t understand
By Sam Bari

Have the people in charge of our government noticed that just south of our border, during the last decade, more than 34,000 people have met, shall we say, premature deaths?

Actually, that’s not a fair question. At the Council on Foreign Relations last week, U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton addressed the matter. She mentioned that we face an increasing threat from a well-organized network of drug traffickers. And we consider that an insurgency.

However, Mexico’s foreign minister Patricia Espinosa quickly disputed Clinton’s characterization. She said that Mexico’s drug cartels are not insurgents because they have no political agenda.

She failed to acknowledge that more than 2,000 of their murder victims were local, state and federal law-enforcement officers. The rest were soldiers and civilians. Sounds like an insurgency to me.

What is Espinosa thinking – that the cartels are businessmen? She appears to be defending them.

Anyone who stands up to the drug cartels, or even says something bad about them, is brutally silenced. Heads are delivered to victims’ families, and bodies show up on doorsteps in vats of acid to make their point.

Anywhere the cartels compete, which is mostly in the border towns, the local residents are paralyzed by fear.

The police and armed forces of Mexico are outmanned and outgunned by insurgents, who are better trained and armed. Sadly, most of their weaponry and ammunition is manufactured right here in the United States.

Are they giving our arms makers so much business that we don’t want to rock the boat because it will put people out of work? It’s ridiculous.

The people of our fine country voted to choose their leaders. I trust that those employed through the electoral process are qualified to look after our safety.

Never let it be said that I thought I could do a better job, or that I am more qualified than those in charge of our wellbeing.

However, I occasionally question the logic of officials when administering their assigned duties. Sometimes it appears as if they are not paying close attention, or they know something that the rest of us do not, which would not surprise me.

For instance, more than 6,000 troops from 20 different countries have been killed in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Every life was priceless.

The young men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice died on foreign soil many miles from their homes. I believe the reason for their involvement was that they were preventing terrorism from reaching our shores.

The tragedy of 9/11 compromised that effort, but for the most part, they have accomplished their goals, with one major exception – Mexico.

Our government has spent billions of dollars to intervene wherever terrorists congregate. We often go to countries that do not appreciate our meddling in their affairs.

Meanwhile, the biggest terrorist threat to the American way of life is on our proverbial doorstep. Although I have searched for a reason for this shortsightedness on our government’s part, I have yet to find one.

There is zero American presence to deter the Mexican cartels. Our government, at great expense, is busy chasing jihadists on the other side of the world, while drug wars are spilling into American territory at home.

It is little wonder that the Mexican people are fleeing their country. They are afraid to live at home. There is no work, they fear dying at the hands of the drug lords, and they have no hope for the future.

Because of the instability, American businessmen are investing money in the Far East and other parts of the world where they can find cheap labor. If they could invest in Mexico, the people would have work, the labor would be less expensive, cost of shipping would be negligible, and immigration problems would cease to be a consideration.

There would be enough business in both countries for everyone to prosper. Maybe I’m being naive, but the border appears to me to be a growing problem when it should be diminishing.

What’s going on in Mexico is much more of a threat to American security than the threat from Afghanistan, Yemen or Iran.

Cartel-connected murders have been occurring in Arizona, Texas, New Mexico and California. Smuggling organizations have distribution centers in 230 U.S. cities – nationwide.

Why aren’t we intervening on behalf of the best interests of the American people?

Without a doubt, our government makes sure that we live in a system we can’t understand.

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