2011-02-17 / Letters to the Editor

Do not relocate proposed pavilion

It is my belief that the pavilion should be replaced at its present location. Moving it to a higher spot would probably not prevent the fate that the Mackerel Cove beach pavilion met in 1938.

The destruction, however, demonstrates the need for a weatherproof, yearround facility.

The 2010 Community Survey left no doubt as to what is important to Jamestowners, namely access to the water. Luckily, Jamestown owns a similar location but protected from hurricanes. We all know it as the old highway barn. At a 2005 planning commission meeting and again in 2008, a workshop was held where alternative uses such as a community meeting place, a wedding hall and a community theater were presented by William D. Warner.

The June 15, 2005 planning commission minutes state, in part: “William Warner feels that this plan helps as a good mix for land and water uses…a community landing for the town so water ferry and water taxis could be accommodated. Parties could come by boat…it would generate traffic but sporadically.”

The cost of the study was $5,000. But like so many other studies that we commission and then discard, this one was also shelved. Apparently there may be neighborhood sentiment against the use of the highway barn as a function facility.

That is very strange because there already exists a wedding reception facility at Ft. Wetherill a few hundred yards from the old highway barn. There have been no complaints. According to its web site, the lease is $5,000 for five hours for 125-150 guests. With market rates like that, the Ft. Wetherill Community Center, a name suggested in the commission minutes, would pay for itself.

All of the users of the Ft. Getty pavilion must pass by our house, but we would never think about complaining that they are degrading our quality of life or try to prevent the utilization of Jamestown’s treasures.

Frank Meyer


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