2011-02-24 / Letters to the Editor

Fitness center has to compete with town

Last week’s article on the recreation center says, “According to Bill Piva, director of the Jamestown Parks and Recreation Department, the recreation center doesn’t compete with the YMCA or with the Jamestown Fitness Center. By offering low pricing, it makes sporting opportunities and exercise classes more affordable.”

There are two things wrong about this paragraph. The prices for non-members at Jamestown Fitness Center classes are the same, or in some instances lower, than recreation department prices listed in the paper. It is disappointing when the town’s recreation department director implies it is less expensive to go to classes at the recreation department when this is not true.

When I opened this business five years ago, I was aware that the recreation department offered some classes and I hoped the Jamestown Fitness Center and the recreation department would be able to complement each other.

As owner of the Jamestown Fitness Center, I often feel I have to compete with the department. In 2007, Jamestown Fitness started a Boot Camp Class Series that was very popular. In 2008, the department hired, without my knowledge, the two people I had teaching these boot camps and began their own boot camps luring away many customers.

Regrouping and aiming not to compete with the town, Jamestown Fitness began Pilates classes. Shortly after, the town offered Pilates. In 2009, it was Zumba that begun at Jamestown Fitness on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m. In less than a year, the town began Zumba classes on Thursday evenings at 6 p.m.

The town should be more supportive of a business that pays town and property taxes, equipment taxes, used a Jamestown resident architect, a Jamestown building contractor, advertises in the Jamestown paper, employs nine Jamestown residents and provides to Jamestown residents something that was never offered before on this island. Jamestown Fitness Center adds to the overall health of this community.

Barbara Lundy

Jamestown Fitness Center

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