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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

“I am the very model of a modern Major General. I’ve information vegetable, animal, and mineral, I know the kings of England.”

For over a century, Gilbert and Sullivan’s comic opera “The Pirates of Penzance” has been performed by opera and repertory companies all over the world. The above lyrics are from the familiar and much-parodied Major General Song that you will hear this weekend as the Jamestown Community Chorus presents its concert version of the operetta.

In the barest of a synopsis, the story concerns Frederic, who will be played by Ethan Rosser, who, having completed his 21st year, is released from his apprenticeship with a band of tender-hearted pirates. He meets Mabel (Bethany Clarke), the daughter of Major General Stanley (Robert Morton-Ranney), and the two fall instantly in love.

Frederic discovers that he was born on Feb. 29 and has a birthday only once every four years. Since his apprenticeship indentures state that he remains apprenticed to the pirates until he is 21, he has many more years to serve. Bound by his own sense of duty, Frederic’s only solace is that Mabel agrees to wait for him faithfully.

Other chorus members singing roles from the operetta are: Terry Horsley, Pirate King; May Morris, Ruth; Michael Smith Jr., sergeant of police; Jim Traer, Samuel; Dorothy Strang, Edith; Judy Stickney, Kate; and Pam Watters, Isabel.

The concerts will be performed on Saturday, March 5, at 7:30 p.m., and Sunday, March 6, at 3 p.m. at the Central Baptist Church. Questions? Call 423-1574.


Kudos to Churchill and Banks, East Ferry Deli and Morneau and Murphy for their generous donations to the eighth-grade Washington trip. Dimitri Varrecchione, Ian Archibald and Connor Ferguson were in front of Jamestown Wine and Spirits selling duck numbers for the Great Duck Derby at Mackerel Cove scheduled for April 30.

Marianne Kirby and Steve Cirella were among many who now have ducks in the race. Donations can also be sent to Susan Baccari, 10 Weatherly Court, Jamestown, RI, 02835. Make checks payable to the Jamestown School, memo “Washington D.C. trip.” Students will be out selling tickets every weekend. Tell them that you wanna buy a duck.


Elizabeth Mancini, Jim Caswell, Andrea von Hohenleiten and Marcia Wirth identified last week’s poser: Dan Fogelberg’s “Longer.”

“It was played at our wedding in 1980 at St. Mark [Church],” George and Susan James said.


Andrea wonders if anyone remembers a year like this when there has been snow on the ground consistently since December.


Poser: And I wonder if I

Ever cross your mind

For me it happens all the time


Having endured the worst of Rhode Island weather over the years, I find it strange to see a TV “weather alert” preceding a forecast for rain.


An e-mail from Gail Wheelock read: “I just received the Jamestown Press here in Sebring, Florida. Though I often, due to advanced years and good memory, know the answers to your questions, I have never contacted you. This week, however, is different. My maiden name was Penner. As a child in the 1940s every adult I met apparently felt compelled to ask me, ‘Wanna buy a duck?’ Joe Penner, no relation.”


Are you thinking of adding a pet to the household, but a dog or a cat would be a bad fit? We asked Dr. Joshua Hatch of the Jamestown Animal Clinic what he would suggest and he told us that rabbits and guinea pigs are very popular because they are quiet, clean and can do well in smaller houses and apartments and rabbits can easily be litter box trained. He said to be sure there are no wires or cords within reach that the rabbit may chew on. A ferret is another small mammal that can make a good pet. Hatch cautioned, however, that they tend to be more mischievous and require more care because they might hurt themselves chewing on wires or knocking things over on to themselves.

“In Rhode Island, you must acquire a permit from the R.I. Department of Environmental Management to import or own ferrets because even though they are domesticated animals they are still considered wildlife by the government, so be sure to contact the RIDEM if you are considering a ferret for a pet,” Hatch advised.


If Gilbert and Sullivan is not your thing, a wonderful blend of traditional American and Celtic folk music and dance, along with original songs and poetry, will be offered by the award-winning duo Atwater- Donnelly on Sunday, March 6, at 3 p.m. in the Jamestown library’s meeting hall.

The husband and wife blend vocals with an array of instruments including the mountain dulcimer, old-time banjo, tin whistle, guitar, limberjack, mandolin and harmonica.

It’s all free and open to the public.


A Snapple moment known to your dentist: The human jaw can generate a force up to 200 pounds on the molars.


Be true!


Call in your stuff to 829-2760 or 423-0383, or e-mail us at jtnwalrus@hotmail.com. Thank you.

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