2011-03-10 / News of Record


Bench warrant violation

Jonathon Caswell, 27, of 76 Howland Ave., was charged March 6 with an alleged bench warrant violation from Newport District Court after police ran routine background checks on subjects involved in a call regarding a lost child, police said. Caswell paid bail to a justice of the peace and was not held at the police station. A re-arraignment was scheduled for March 11 at Newport District Court, police said.

Multiple charges

Ryan Healey, 19, of 11 Hull St., was charged March 8 with alleged domestic-vandalism/malicious injury, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and exposing himself after police were called and asked to respond to a subject that was out of control, police said. Healey was held at the police station and transported to Newport District Court for arraignment, according to police.


• On March 2, a bank debit card was fraudulently used and reported to the police and the issuing bank. Case is under investigation.

• On March 2, a subject was accused of alleged cyber harassment after posting derogatory remarks and messages on Facebook. Case is under investigation.

•OnMarch5aJamestown Village resident reported being bitten by his own dog. The victim required medical attention and by law was required to report the incident to the police.

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