2011-03-17 / Editorial

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Send help the Japanese

On Friday of last week northern Japan suffered a massive earthquake which was immediately followed by a tsunami.

We have been transfixed by the video and still images of the disaster and stories unfolding in the aftermath. Now the Japanese are struggling to prevent meltdowns at several damaged nuclear reactors. Radiation is an invisible danger that threatens an even greater area of that nation.

The events serve as a grim reminder of the terrible power of Mother Nature. Not only was there the tragic loss of lives, but many of those who survived lost everything. It is hard to imagine. Picture Jamestown flattened by a massive wave, all of our houses and offices washed away.

How does one recover? You can help. Clean water, food and shelter are needed right away. Our contributions can make a difference.

Go online to RedCross.org to make a donation.

Spring is finally here

I don’t think I have ever looked forward to the arrival of spring as much as this year. Most will agree that winter was brutal. We had to shovel far too much snow.

Spring arrives this Sunday, March 20. We’ve already seen a few crocuses blooming. Soon the thousands of daffodils on the island will greet us with the promise of warmer days ahead. It won’t be long until the boats return to the water and we’re sailing again.

Everybody is Irish today

Many of us are wearing the green today in observance of St. Patrick’s Day. We celebrate with dinners of corned beef and cabbage washed down with dark Irish beer.

March 17 is the one day out of the year that everybody is Irish.

— Jeff McDonough

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