2011-03-17 / Letters to the Editor

Turbine appeal a ‘terrible idea’

In the March 10 article “Wind turbine prospects become more confusing,” it was stated that the Federal Aviation Administration made a ruling limiting the tower height to 202 feet, and “that the electromagnetic field from a 410-foot tower would interfere with the avionics of airplanes approaching the National Guard airbase at Quonset Point.”

A 202-foot tower would not provide the power output that the Council had endorsed, so the Town of Jamestown will appeal this ruling. Further, we hear that because there is a “close working relationship” between the airport corporation and the FAA it is likely that the appeal will be approved.

I am puzzled that there are those on the island who feel that somehow our desire for a wind turbine trumps air safety. Does the town believe that the FAA pulls numbers from a hat and that they mean nothing but are simply obstacles to be overcome by some “close relationship?” Since when does “because we want it” mean more than the laws of physics? I hope that somebody thinks better of this and realizes that this appeal is a terrible idea and needs to be stopped.

Karen Siegemund


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