2011-03-24 / Front Page

Renovations underway at BankNewport

BankNewport, which is slated to become the only bank in Jamestown after Bank of America on Narragansett Avenue closes its door on April 8, began undergoing major renovations to its building on Conanicus Avenue on Monday.

Renovations to the branch will include an addition where the current drive-up lane is located. According to Susan Replogle, senior vice president for BankNewport, the addition will allow for more space for offices and conference rooms – possibly as much as 600 square feet.

“We have a great presence in Jamestown and it is a very important market for us,” Replogle said, “so we are looking at the best interests of our customers.”

In order for the addition to be completed, the current drive-up lane will need to be eliminated, but the lane will be replaced – along with a second drive-up lane – to the back of the building.

“Quite frankly, the building has never really met our standards,” Replogle said. The Jamestown branch opened in 1975.

“We are excited to share the news about our branch renovations with our friends and neighbors,” said Thomas Kelly, the president and CEO of BankNewport. “The expansion will enhance the overall banking experience for our customers, further demonstrating our long-standing commitment as a community bank and community partner.”

According to Replogle, she said the bank has no intentions on closing during renovations, but said that minor service disruptions are a possibility, such as an afternoon where the drive-up lane will be closed.

Along with the second drive-up lane and additional offi ces, there will also be a larger lobby, more meeting space and an expanded safe deposit box area.

The construction is expected to be completed in mid-June.

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