2011-03-24 / Letters to the Editor

Rumors abound over JEMS

I serve as an emergency medical technician with the Jamestown Emergency Medical Services, and it is a wonderful thing. I volunteer with good people and we do good work.

Recently there has been a flood of rumors concerning the future of the service. These rumors hurt morale and do damage far beyond that. It would be nice to know what is true, and what is not. Is it true that a report was funded to investigate these services on Jamestown, and that report does not follow the details of the originating contract, was late in delivery to the town, and was not distributed in any timely manner?

Were decisions about JEMS made prior to any fi- nal report being available, distributed and reviewed? Is it true that the town has served JEMS notice that they are not renewing the memorandum of understanding that allows these fine volunteers to serve the town?

Rumor also has it that the draft report about the Jamestown Fire Department and JEMS contained major omissions and errors. Did it? It the final report completed? Can the people of Jamestown, who paid for this report, see it?

As I really dislike rumors, and feel they do not serve the citizens and taxpayers of Jamestown, can the Town Council please act to clarify what the present status is, and what the plans are?

If there are concerns about how service has been provided, it makes sense to have the three groups – the Jamestown Police Department, JFD and JEMS - meet? How often has this happened? What was the result? I understand that JEMS has been willing, even anxious, to meet with all concerned parties and get the truth out – and remedy what we can.

I respectfully request that until the citizens of the town are completely informed and a final report that is accurate and approved by all three departments that the Town Council take no action to change the agreements presently in place between all parties.

Brian Gardner
Port Avenue

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