2011-03-24 / The Walrus Says

The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

“I have learned to live each day to the fullest. I now am open to the world, thanks to the power of poetry.”

Those are the words of islander Teresa Murray, who on March 13 at the Central Baptist Church, recited 15 of her poems to an audience of more than 55 listeners.

Many islanders know Teresa through her involvement with the Jamestown Community Theatre or have seen her at McQuade’s Marketplace where she has worked for nine years. She has Down syndrome. It doesn’t slow her up from succeeding in whatever tasks she undertakes. As evidence, Teresa, who will be 24 on April 27, attended an event two years ago that “changed my life by adding to it.”

She went to a lecture by the Power of Poets at Salve Regina University and since that time, Teresa explained, “My defining decision has become poetry. Each time I hear or read a poem, I feel emotional in my soul. For a longtime I could not pray, but since I have been writing poems, I have become inspired. I will continue to read and write more poems.”

In addition to this month’s recital where she received standing ovations, Teresa has shared her poems with family and friends, and with Power of the Poets, where poet laureates from all over the country, including Heather Sullivan and Rhode Islander Lisa Starr, have heard her work.

Mary Wright, who attended the reading on March 13, said that Teresa is an inspiration to all of us. “She has worked hard to achieve her goals and says she has more to reach in her future.”

We asked what her next goal is? “I want to reach out and make new friends. Jamestown is a wonderful place. I’ve met half of the people who live here, now I want to meet the other half.”

Below are two of Teresa’s poems:

Lilies II
Fluffy clouds holding water
Descending into rain upon waterless fields

Somewhere out there, a whole
field of
Swaying with gratitude
Misty dew, softening the grass
Somewhere out there,
A colored map of lilies
Dancing, bathing
Sun touching the grass
Lilies, now glistening
As jewels under heaven
Everlasting Life

Summer Salad At Slice of Heaven How sweet each bite
Of greenery!
A dash of vinegar and oil
Tomatoes, crunchy
Gooey mozzarella cheese,
With love, I feel guilty to have
such pleasure


Michael Lopes, a Tiger den firstgrader, broke a track record and was the overall fastest car at the annual Jamestown Cub Scout Pack 1’s Pinewood Derby last Saturday at the recreation center.

Michael also took first place in the Tiger den category, followed by Ryan DeLessio in second place and Evan Tuttle in third.

Second-grade Wolf den winners were Brandon Olsen in first place, Finbar McCarthy in second place and Matthew Totten in third.

Charles Schaupp came in first among third-grade Bear den competitors, followed by John Schott, who came in second place, and Matthew Hartley, who finished third.

Fourth-grade Webelos den winners were: Nathaniel Hough in first place, Matthew Masterson in second, and Jacob Compton third.

Aiden Holt won the scouts’ choice award and John Bailey was presented with the leaders’ choice award.

Lisa Tuttle, Pack 1’s event coordinator, said that Michael Lopes will take his record-breaking car to the regional pinewood derby in April accompanied by the other top finishers and Cubmaster Will Tuttle.

Kudos to all!


We note the glee shown by state officials when learning that we may get some of the taxpayers’ highspeed rail monies rejected by Florida. Let’s see if we have it right. It doesn’t matter where it goes, just spend it!


Michael Mikolay says that last week’s poser is the Irish classic ”Will Ye Go, Lassie, Go?” Elizabeth Mancini agrees and says that it was sung by the Clancy Brothers. She added that the movie mystery is “Finian’s Rainbow,” starring Fred Astaire and Petula Clark.


We lost John A. Murphy’s email in which he called “The Quiet Man” with Victor McLaughlin and John Wayne a great movie. Sorry John. Ira Murphy, who gets his paper a week late in Florida, called and shared John’s opinion of the movie. Ira said he feels spring in the air and will see us in a couple of weeks.


Wanna buy a duck?


One good thing about March Madness is that it gets a lot of us to bed earlier.


There was a big lump in my throat when I read that Fenwick Gardiner has been appointed chief of the North Kingstown Fire Department. I was in the same North Kingstown High School class of 1949 with his dad and we served together as call men in the fire department for a number of years. Fen went on to become chief and now young Fen has done the same. Godspeed, your dad is very proud of you.


Poser: Then put your little hand in mine

There ain’t no hill or mountain we can’t climb


Our thanks to Kath O’Neill for sending along the island’s Celtic Gathering’s DVD, “Another Door Opens.” It’ll get you dancing!


Our letter carrier, Peter Mullen, is in his shorts. Hang in there!


Be true!


Call in your stuff to 829-2760 or 423-0383, or e-mail us at jtnwal rus@hotmail.com. Thank you.

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