2011-04-07 / Letters to the Editor

Please pick up after your dog

I walk my dogs every day along Southwest Avenue, Narragansett Avenue and other streets in town. I am noticing a growing problem with people not picking up after their dogs.

Do you think the dogs can pick up after themselves? I carry newspaper bags with me whenever I walk my dogs and pick up after them. Island Animal, the new pet store in town, sells doggiepoop bags at two cents each. How hard can it be to pick up after your animal?

Did you know that parvovirus can be passed along if an otherwise healthy dog simply sniffs infected droppings? Parvovirus is a serious canine disease that can be fatal. I have seen so many people walking along Southwest Avenue and other side streets just letting their dogs poop where they want and walking away without a care. It’s rude to allow your dog to leave its droppings on someone else’s lawn or the sidewalk.

Did you know that our Jamestown workers cleaned hundreds of poop bags out of our sewer drains because people were too lazy to throw them away and instead just threw them in sewer drains? This is cost- ing unnecessary tax dollars that could be spent more wisely. The idea is to pick up your dog’s poop and dispose of it in a trashcan, not the sewer drains.

Take a walk along Southwest or Narragansett Avenue but make sure to look down: It’s beginning to look like a cow field and you wouldn’t want to step in that mess.

This issue seems to have surfaced since the elimination of the dog officer, so I would like to see the Jamestown Police Department enforce this town ordinance. According to the ordinance, if you do not pick up your dog’s poop you can be fined $25 for the first offense and $50 for the second offense. The fine increases with each additional offense.

Please pick up after your dog. The droppings may carry disease, it’s unsanitary and it’s disgusting to see all over the sidewalks.

Pam Carr

Anthem Avenue


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