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The Walrus Says

By Jim Munro

The audience for the Jamestown Community Piano Association’s March 27 piano concert looked forward with great anticipation to hearing acclaimed Italian pianist Alessandra Tiraterra. Instead, the listeners were thrilled by a performance by the electrifying Russian pianist, Constantine Finehouse.

The scheduled performer for the piano association’s March concert canceled two days before the event due to a sudden illness in her family. According to Janet Grant, the association quickly got on the Internet and found Finehouse, who was performing that night at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. He e-mailed after midnight and said that he would be pleased to perform that Sunday. “And wow,” Janet said, “what a performance! He got a standing ovation. The audience was buzzing with excitement throughout the reception following the concert.”

The association’s next concert is a Jamestown first—it is right after school so that students can easily attend. The concert is on Monday, April 11, at 3 p.m. at St. Matthew’s Episcopal Church. Scheduled is the dynamic piano duo of Svetlana Belsky and Jennifer Maxwell. “The association wants to encourage more young people to attend live piano performances and to bring along their parents,” Janet said. “Come see and hear what two women can do with one piano.”

As always, these concerts are free.


Actors with the Jamestown Community Theatre are having a ball reenacting three old radio scripts that aired during the mid-1900s.

The three former broadcasts that the group is re-creating are “Baby Snooks and Daddy: Halloween Show,” which was heard on Nov. 1, 1946; “I Saw Myself Running,” which was from a weekly radio suspense show titled “Escape” with William Conrad as the announcer. That was broadcast on Nov. 22, 1953. Also, a comedy from the popular weekly series “Easy Aces Show” titled “Jane Thinks Mink” that aired Nov. 30, 1939.

Mary Wright, artistic director of the theatre, said, “We are having fun reading the scripts that are chock full of commercials, making sound effects and listening to original radio broadcasts such as ‘The War of the Worlds.’ Our laughter resounds throughout rehearsals as we mimic the dramatic and humorous lines in the scripts.”


Robb Roach will be carrying a cargo of 1,000 ducks aboard his 18- foot Outlaw duck boat aptly named “Just Ducky” to Mackerel Cove on April 30. Assisted by Christopher Varrecchione, Robb will release the ducks and they will “swim” toward the beach where they will drop down a chute and their numbers recorded. The first 25 ducks to finish will win a prize.

It will all be part of the Great Duck Derby to raise funds to send the Lawn Avenues School’s eighth graders on a class trip to Washington, D.C. Duck-numbered tickets are being sold by individual students or in groups outside local businesses on weekends. If you’ve missed them, e-mail sbaccari@cox.net and she’ll get the tickets to you.

Donations to the class have come in from Churchill and Banks, the Jamestown Fire Department, TCC, Nardolillo Funeral Home, Lila Delman, the Jamestown Parent-Teacher Organization, the Jamestown Education Foundation, Morneau & Murphy Attorneys, Rhode Island Novelty, Eric Archer and Trattoria Simpatico.

Wanna buy a duck?


Poser: We’ve string beans, and onions

Cabbageses, and scallions,

And all sorts of fruit and say

We have an old fashioned tomah to

A Long Island po-tah-to

But yes… *** Word on the avenue has it that Washington Trust Company will move into the vacant Bank of America location.


The March 24 poser drew correct responses from Andrea von Hohenleiten, Elizabeth Mancini, Cheryl Fernstrom and Carol Baldwin, who said it is Sonny and Cher’s “I Got You, Babe.”


Kudos to Cameron Toppa who has been accepted to attend the University of Mississippi and its school of engineering in the fall. Ole Miss is his first choice of several schools to which he applied and was accepted. Cameron will be in the school’s JumpStart program this summer to earn extra course credits before the semester begins on Aug. 22.

There’ll be one island family rooting for the Ole Miss football team this fall.


John A. Murphy writes, “I nominate these country songs as most likely to generate a sing-along: ‘Idaho Home’ by Ronee Blakely, ‘Wagon Wheel’ by Old Crow Medicine Show and ‘Lucille’ by Kenny Rogers.


A close show-business friend told me that CBS is begging Charlie Sheen to return to the show.


Our March 17 poser prompted this note from Matt Bolles: “As an old remnant of the ‘folkie’ music generation, I offer a couple of points of interest about the St. Patrick’s Day poser, one of my favorite songs to sing. The song is indeed often referred to as ‘Will Ye Go Lassie Go’ as that is the refrain, but I have always known it as ‘Wild Mountain Thyme.’

“It was indeed recorded by the Clancy Brothers as well the Mc- Peake family of Belfast, and has since been recorded by many others, but it is a very old tune which many historians consider to be of Scottish origin, rather than Irish. Another note of interest is that the lyric quoted ‘I will build my love a tower,’ while very often sung that way, is found in older versions to be ‘I will build my love a bower.’

“The bower is being built of tree boughs and vines and then covered with flowers as the lyric goes on to say. I do not offer this as a correction, but rather as evidence of the ongoing ‘folk process’ by which songs are always evolving and in the hope that others will find that process as fascinating as I do!”

Our apologies to Kath O’Neill who had e-mailed on March 25 that “Will Ye Go Lassie Go” is the refrain line from “Wild Mountain Thyme.”

“‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ is the correct name of the song,” she wrote.


The Jamestown Community Theatre, in collaboration with the Jamestown Historical Society’s “Jamestown and the Silver Screen,” will present the film “Rose Marie,” starring Jeanette MacDonald and Nelson Eddy, next Wednesday, April 13, at 6:45 p.m. in the meeting hall of the Jamestown library.

“Jamestown and the Silver Screen” is a yearlong event featuring actors, films and film industry associations that have had close relationships with the island. Many local organizations and businesses will sponsor the activities.

Eddy’s father lived in Jamestown and the actor had a warm relationship with his half-sister, Virginia Brown.


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