2011-04-14 / Letters to the Editor

JEMS should not be ‘compromised’

I was somewhat surprised and dismayed to read in a front-page story of the April 7 edition of the Jamestown Press of a report which recommends the disbanding of the current Jamestown Emergency Medical Services and to fold it into the Jamestown Fire Department. I had been unaware of any conflicts regarding the management and execution of emergency medical services provided by JEMS, vis-à-vis the Fire Department.

However, I can directly attest to the fact that my family and I have had several highly positive experiences with JEMS throughout the past year. Starting in May of last year, there were at least four occasions where I had to call for medical assistance for my seriously ill wife.

On each occasion, JEMS responded within a few minutes with a high degree of competence, dedication and professionalism, and, after assessing her condition, transported my wife quickly and safely to a hospital emergency room. Although my mind was racing with fear, uncertainty and concern for my wife each time, I was relieved and comforted whenever I saw the JEMS ambulance pull up my driveway in a very timely manner.

Given these highly positive experiences with JEMS over the last year, as well as on several other occasions in the past, I can unequivocally state that JEMS has demonstrated nothing but outstanding performance, dedication and professionalism in providing emergency medical support for my family and for that I am most humbled and grateful.

JEMS currently provides an extremely valuable volunteer capability to the community. I would hope that in whatever new organizational construct JEMS emerges in the future, its outstanding functional capability will never be compromised.

John G. Shannon

Columbia Lane


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