2011-05-12 / Letters to the Editor

Thanks to all our customers

To all our loyal customers and supporters, I would like to extend our sincere thanks. Island Shuttle has made a strong effort to keep things going, however due to the cost of insurance and fuel we are unable to continue service and cover our expenses. We will be suspending service as of May 27.

It has been a great experience operating Island Shuttle. We have met some wonderful people along the way and we are so grateful to many of our regular customers who travel to and from the airport and train station. Without those of you who were so loyal we would never have made it this far. Thank you to those of you that chose to use us for local service to get home safe or just to go to dinner in town.

I would like to extend a special thank you to Joe Veccione who was our regular driver. Even in the early hours of the morning or late evenings everyone could count on Joe for a warm and welcoming hello. Joe is known for his friendly personality and was always a gentleman helping with luggage. Thank you, Joe. We could not have done it without you.

In these current economic times it is getting harder and harder for small business to stay alive. I encourage everyone in Jamestown to do their best to shop local. The support of a community is what makes small towns special. Whenever you are thinking of doing some shopping or need a service of some kind please take the time to find out if that service or product is available here in Jamestown. It is always best to do business with people you know.

Thank you again to everyone who supported Island Shuttle.

Paul D. Sprague
Island Shuttle

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