2011-05-19 / Letters to the Editor

Record number of species spotted

Thanks for your participation in the 27th annual Conanicut Island Spring Bird Count on May 15. In spite of the projected inclement weather, 13 hardy birders participated and three more reported birds from home. A near record number of species was seen, 111, with a record number of warblers, 20.

By noon the species count was 106, but in the afternoon a peregrine falcon, rock dove, willet, great blue heron and whitethroated sparrow were added.

A highlight of the day was the yellow-crowned night heron first seen at Fort Getty and later in the day in the marsh across North Road from Great Creek.

Field observers were Wayne Munns, B. J. Whitehouse, Chris and Candy Powell, Marcie Lindsey, Roberto Bessin, Kathy and Joe O’Neill, Tim and Peter Fay, and Fran Shocket. Reporting from home were Gail Chase, Evelyn Rhodes and Connie Thomas.

Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you for the Christmas count. Please report interesting sightings to me at 423-1492 or Evelyn Rhodes at 423-1254.

Candy Powell
Mt. Hope Avenue

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