2011-06-02 / Editorial

Financial Town Meeting needs your attention on Monday


On Monday, June 6, the Financial Town Meeting will be held at 7 p.m. at the Lawn Avenue School. Voters should consider attending this important meeting.

The proposed budget that Jamestown voters are asked to approve is an austere one. It represents the third year in a row that the Town Council and the School Committee have kept the community’s property tax increases at the absolute minimum while still maintaining services. If the budget is approved as proposed, the property tax increase for the coming fiscal year will be about 1 percent.

A local organization has filed its intent to ask that voters at the Financial Town Meeting consider cutting more than $600,000 from the two budgets. The group’s reasoning is that the town doesn’t need to spend any additional money on capital expenditures. Unfortunately, these concepts were never brought up during the many budget workshops held by the town.

If we don’t replace, repair and maintain our town’s assets then we will end up spending more in the long run.

We elect our Town Council and School Committee members to manage the town and schools. It appears to me that the budget put forward is a responsible one that represents hours of study and work with little input from the voters although all of the meetings were open. I believe the budget as proposed deserves our approval.

If we believe that our elected officials’ performance does not meet our expectations as voters then we should replace them at the next election.

Hacking away indescriminately at the budget serves no useful purpose and would be a disservice to our community.

— Jeff McDonough

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