2011-06-02 / Letters to the Editor

Having a pet is worth the cost

I’m writing in response to Donna Drago’s article in the May 19 issue titled “The Puppy Confl ict.” How disappointing to read that she did all that research online; I have never seen her in our store, Island Animal. Had she come in, she would find highquality foods and supplements at affordable prices. We sell flea and tick treatments just a few dollars above our cost. It doesn’t have to cost a small fortune.

True, there can always be some unforeseen costs. This can happen with any investment, including our computers and cars, though they don’t usually give you that warm cozy feeling that we only get from the ones we love and whom love us.

In our store, we keep on top of studies and ingredient lists so that we know that what we carry is beneficial to your dog or cat. We make sure there are no known carcinogens in the foods and supplements.

We make sure the foods are healthy and what your pets should be eating. Many foods are loaded with fillers that cause a long list of health issues. We buy weekly, not by the pallet, to insure a high turn around so that the food you are buying is the freshest available.

We sell high quality toys, collars and apparel, but keep the prices low. You get quality that lasts, but also keeps your pet safe.

Of course your puppy, or kitten, needs to get its vaccinations and checkups, but in feeding healthy food and giving safe toys can help to keep you from making extra trip to the vets office. Of course, training helps with this too, and we can point you in the direction of some good trainers. If that is out of your budget, and even if it isn’t, we will happily loan you some wonderful training videos for free, as well as giving you some great Web sites for training.

There have been studies shown that pets help us to lower our own stress, improve health and increase happiness. Too bad those studies weren’t found. Animals can help our children learn compassion and teach them how to care for another.

I wonder why this is a conflict? It is not her decision. Why worry about things outside of our control?

We invite Donna and everyone else to come in and see that staying here on the island not only saves on gas, but it can be very benefi- cial to your pet.

What is unconditional love worth?

Tori Hellewell and
Pio Moretti
Island Animal

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