2011-06-09 / Letters to the Editor

Birdbath thief must have no conscience

On April 30, my husband and I returned home from a vacation to discover that a birdbath had been stolen from one of my gardens. The police officer who responded to my call, informed me that landscapers have been stealing garden structures at an ever-increasing rate. They then sell them to other gardeners.

If you have received a birdbath from a landscaper that has an Asian design – the stand is only 6 to 8 inches high and the birdbath itself is wider than the norm – please call me at 423-2706 or 295-4647.

If you are the thief, you must be missing a conscience or an empathy chip. It is obvious to anyone looking at my small home that I am not a wealthy person and yet you felt just fine about stealing from me.

I have lived on the island for 37 years and I have had something stolen on one other occasion; however, the theif realized I knew what they did and returned it.

If anyone sees a birdbath that matches my description, please call either me or the Jamestown Police.

Martha Harris

Beacon Avenue


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