2011-06-09 / Letters to the Editor

Downtown project a great success

This sidewalk project has been a great success, and it is a step in the right direction for Jamestown because it proves what we can do to improve this town, despite the project’s minor flaws: the narrow street and sharp curb edging.

I believe that the purpose of completing jobs like these is to protect the “look” of Jamestown and to deter people from safety hazards. With that in mind, I would like to propose another project that I see as necessary to maintain these two elements. The part of North Main Road between Cedar Lane and where the new pavement starts is in tatters. There are no yellow or white lines, which make it hard to stay on the right side of the road at night, and the torn up edges on both sides of the street don’t help the cause.

I propose that we do the same thing here that was done to the more northern part of the street, because I feel that this issue is as important as the old sidewalks, for safety’s and aesthetics’ sake.

Jeremy Wigton

Pennsylvania Avenue


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