2011-06-09 / Letters to the Editor

Island Treasures a success again

May 20, the fifth annual Island Treasures Day was held at Lawn Avenue School. The Lawn Avenue School Improvement Team and the Jamestown School Department sponsored the event. Students along with the faculty and staff of the school participated in different workshops planned and conducted by generous members of the Jamestown community. Workshops varied in topic including casting and sculpture, wind energy, skin care, honeybees and unconventional fitness training. A special thank you to all the presenters and volunteers, without their time and talent this program would not be possible.

Thanks also to the state Department of Environmental Management Division of Marine Fisheries, the Aquatic Resources Education Program, Ellen Anderson, Dr. Jack Civic, Lt. Col. Dwight “Dewey” Dorau, Kelly Easton, Nancy Escher, Maj. Les “Toro” Hauck, Jann Holt, Jack Hubbard, Jamestown EMS, Judy Bell & Prim Bullock, Jamestown Police Department, Officers Steve Head and Ron Jacobson, Dr. Shelly Johnson, Missy and Chris Kuester, Clifford Kurz, Janet LaMantia, Harley and Lisa Lee, Patrick McNiff, Members of the Jamestown Volunteer Fire Department, Quononoquott Garden Club, Cynthia Lafferty, Robb Roach, Rep. Deborah Ruggiero, Rosie and William Wharton Smith, III, Art Spivack, Jennifer Talancy, Jim Turenne, Jason and Patrick Vieira and Balance Sport & Fitness.

We would also like to thank Principal Kathy Almanzor for her continued support of this amazing day. In addition, we would like to thank teachers Jenn Clark and Nick Alfred for their help with the school coordination and Isabel Jepson without whom this day could not have been a success.

It is wonderful to live in a community where people are so willing to share their talents and passions with the next generation. From this day, all those who participated learned something new and that there is great joy and reward in doing something you love. Thank you again to all who make this day possible.

Lisa Lawless and Leslie Hough


Island Treasures

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