2011-06-09 / Letters to the Editor

Local group should record its music

Morning stirs up with musical birds chattering away to wake up the sun. Always there at that time, trying to chase off my sleepiness, is radio CAT Country 98.1.

Other times, I want to hear lively music all around me, so one night a friend invited me to hear a group sing “a cappella.” I had never heard this type of music before, but my senses heard these breath-taking songs as emotional, joyful, vivacious, and, of course, each singer appeared to be having fun.

Each singer in the group of women has a different personality and voice. To me, their director, Julie Andrews, and the group “The Accidental Sisters” have become a family. In my thinking, I feel they should record their songs on a CD and on YouTube.

I would like to thank my friend, Julie Andrews, their easygoing jazzy music director, for starting this group.

Teresa Murray


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