2011-06-09 / News of Record


Fire Runs

May 1, 11:11 p.m., Car 1, Engine 3, Ladder1 and Engine 1 went to Pemberton Apartments for a box alarm.

May 3, 7:30 a.m., Engine 2, Car 1, Car 3, Rescue 1, Ladder 1 and Engine 1 were dispatched to Conanicus Avenue for a box alarm.

May 3, 10:42 a.m., all companies were sent to Hull Cove Farm Road for a fire alarm.

May 5, 5:15 a.m., Engine 3 was dispatched to Bay View Drive for an EMT assist.

May 6, 3:44 a.m., Engine 1 and Rescue 1 went to Schooner Avenue for a carbon monoxide alarm.

EMS Runs

May 29, 11:38 a.m., EMS-2, Mizzen Avenue, transported.

May 29, 3:01 p.m., EMS-2, East Shore Road, transported.

May 31, 8:26 p.m., EMS-2, Cole Street, transported.

June 1, 11:48 a.m., EMS-2, Howland Avenue, transported.

June 1, 3:50 p.m., EMS-2, Narragansett Avenue, transported.

June 3, 1:47 p.m., EMS-2, Howland Avenue, transported.

June 4, 9:52 a.m., EMS-1, Old Walcott Avenue, transported.

This week JEMS had seven calls and all patients were transported to Newport Hospital. Calls included diabetic reaction, fainting, fever, seizure, chest pain and injuries due to falls.

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