2011-06-16 / Letters to the Editor

All animals want is to be left alone

Donna Drago is a brilliant writer. In 2002, I joined a poetry workshop that she inspired and headed up, and I, the least talented of this truly remarkable group, have been writing ever since.

But some of her articles irk me. I thought that as a poet – and she is a great one – that she would be more sensitive; so I overlooked them, knowing that is what wisdom is. Until now.

In one of her articles, years ago, she wrote of the efficiency of glue traps. Then again, recently, she wrote of her yearning for rabbit entrees being offered in local restaurants. Just last month, she wrote of the unnecessary stress of owning a dog (“The puppy conflict,” May 19), and just two weeks ago, she wrote about her terror of monkeys (“Don’t monkey around with me,” June 2).

Please, all these pathetic creatures want is for us to leave them alone. That article prompted this response. Let sleeping dogs – and mice, rabbits and monkeys – lie. They have enough to feel bad about.

Arlene Seraichyk
Melrose Avenue

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