2011-06-16 / Letters to the Editor

Its ‘common sense’ to keep Ft. Getty campers

Admittedly we have not followed all the discussion on the Fort Getty proposals or perhaps we are making a suggestion that is based solely on common sense. Why we would want to eliminate the campers at Fort Getty? Doesn’t this population help support our local economy in the summer, including markets, restaurants, hardware, beverages, fuel and medical. This is in addition to the revenue that the fees generate for the town.

As Jamestowners, we are fortunate to have several other gorgeous state locations and coastline to entertain ourselves. The remaining part of Fort Getty, its beach and hillside area, can be made more inviting by updating the volleyball area or adding a horseshoe pit – fun things that don’t have to be over the top.

Fort Wetherill has a natural amphitheater that would be an ideal location for a stage. Perhaps that would be an area for such a venue if we could get approval and support. Think green and support our businesses and share our natural beauty with others.

Alex and Dianne DeMolles
Park Street

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