2011-06-16 / Letters to the Editor

More timely action needed for roadkill

When leaving to ride my bike to school two weeks ago, I noticed an animal carcass decaying on the side of Beavertail Road. This is not a pleasant sight, especially for bikers, runners and walkers. I then contacted the Jamestown Police Department that morning to request it to be cleaned up. After telling me that I was not the only person who called, the police assured me that the highway department would clean it up that day.

Coming home from school that day, I noticed the animal carcass still lying on the side of the road. Seeing this, I called the Police Department again. They once again assured me that it would be cleaned up the next morning.

The next morning, I noticed the carcass lying on the side of the road. I decided to give the highway department some time because it was raining. As the day went on, there was perfect weather, leaving them no excuse not to pick it up.

On my way home from school that day, I noticed the carcass still lying on the side of the road. As soon as walked into my house, I contacted the Police Department once more. This time, I told them that this was my third time calling and I was ready to call the Department of Health. Then, the police told me that they would have the highway department pick it up in the morning.

What other options are there to help this situation? The police and highway departments had already been contacted. You can’t just throw the carcass in the garbage. Myself, among many others, get sick of going by these disgusting sights over and over.

Emily Brewer
Clarke’s Village Road

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