2011-06-16 / News

Ruggiero sponsors bill for renewable energy

The state House of Representatives recently approved a package of bills to facilitate and promote installation of grid-connected and distributed-generation renewable energy, diversify the state’s energygeneration sources and stimulate economic development.

One such bill was sponsored by state Rep. Deb Ruggiero, chairwoman of the Small Business Renewable Energy Task Force. The bill concerns distributed generation, the small-scale generation of power in locations all over the grid, as opposed to only at large-scale power plants. Distributed generation reduces the waste of power lost during transmission, since the power can be used near where it is produced. The amount of this new generation will be capped to minimize the cost implications on ratepayers.

The legislation, which is being sponsored in the Senate by Senate Corporations Committee Chairman Joshua Miller, does not increase National Grid’s responsibility to purchase renewable energy under long-term contracting standards.

The bill would allow small-scale energy producers who do not meet the net-metering standards to enter 15-year contracts with National Grid, using a standard contract and a set price. Larger-scale projects would compete, using the standard contract, but using the set price as a ceiling to ensure price competition.

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