2011-06-30 / Letters to the Editor

Seasonal campers ‘considerate’ people

I would like to thank Valerie Malloy for her June 23 Viewpoint, “Getting rid of seasonal campers a silly idea.” Finally, a wellresearched, truthful and factual article about the seasonal campers at Fort Getty.

Some of the campers have been there 40 years and continue to contribute to the revenue of the town budget. In fact, looking on Page 7 of the Recommended Annual Town Budget Fiscal Year 2011-2012, the largest local revenue, other than taxes, is from the recreation department receipts. Revenues collected from town and recreational areas primarily such as Fort Getty and Mackerel Cove is a whopping $475,000. This is annual revenue, which is $175,000 higher than the next largest source of revenue at $300,000 which comes from town clerk receipts, which is a combination of revenues coming from land transfers, probate fees and licensing fees.

The only larger revenue to the town is the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax which costs taxpayers $478,372. Losing the Fort Getty income would be like doubling your car taxes.

As a seasonal camper for the past seven years, I consider myself fortunate, grateful and happy to be here. We are all considerate and respectful people, and are a part of this community. We are consumers of local goods, loyal patrons of all town businesses, and ask only to be accepted as the good neighbors we are and will continue to be. If you agree, please speak out in support the Friends of Fort Getty who are working hard to keep us here. Any resident can obtain a seasonal pass for a mere $15, which allows for unlimited access to Fort Getty and beach parking at Mackerel Cove. There is plenty of space for everyone and if you stop by you too can enjoy this wonderful town resource.

Thomas Walsh

Campsite No. 2

Fort Getty

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