2011-06-30 / News

Local artist gains ‘worldwide recognition’

Architectural art glass, at one time limited to traditional stained and leaded glass, is being transformed by renowned artist Paul Housberg, who has taken modern glassworking techniques and adapted them to large-scale installations. Bringing passion and meticulous care to every project, Housberg creates exceptional art glass installations for public and commercial spaces across the country.

Housberg, a Jamestown artist and master craftsman known for his innovative use of glass in architecture, has steadily gained worldwide recognition. With each new installation, he further ensures his place in contemporary architectural art glass.

From New York to California, art glass installations by Housberg transform hotels, corporate offices, healthcare facilities and civic buildings. Each work of art is created in collaboration with the building’s architects and designers and reflects a particular theme that complements the space, as interpreted artistically by Housberg himself. He recently created work at Princeton University (New Jersey), the Silver Towers (New York City) and for the California State Teachers Retirement System.

Housberg believes that art glass displayed as part of a building’s space should have a timeless quality, be accessible to the public, and, most importantly, be an extension of the architectural intent. Whatever the environment, Housberg successfully communicates his message with each installation, as evidenced by the acclaim he receives from both the art world and the general public.

To discover more about the work of Paul Housberg and his latest projects, visit his website at glasspro ject.com

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