2011-07-07 / News of Record


Fire Runs

June 27, 5:46 p.m., Engine 3 was sent to Blueberry Lane for a silent alarm.

June 30, 6:25 p.m., a patient came to the station for evaluation.

July 1, 9:20 p.m., Rescue 1 helped a person with a leg burn at the fire station.

July 2, 2:10 p.m., Car 1, Car 4, Engine 1, Ladder 1, and Special Services 1 were dispatched to Potters Cove for a person stuck in the mud.

July 2, 2:48 p.m., Rescue 1 and Car 1 went to Melrose Avenue for a silent alarm.

July 2, 5:25 p.m., Marine 1 was directed to North Light and Hope Island to assist in spotting a dinghy.

July 3, 11:05 a.m., Car 4 went to Lincoln Street to reset an alarm.

July 5, 10:58 a.m., Car 3, Rescue 1, Ladder 1 and Engine 1 were dispatched to Fort Wetherill for a person who fell.

EMS Runs

June 26, 12:15 p.m., EMS-1, Narragansett Avenue, transported

June 27, 5:15 p.m., EMS-1, Blueberry Lane, transported

June 27, 11:25 p.m., EMS-1, Norman Road, transported

June 28, 6:40 a.m., EMS-1, Pemberton Avenue, refused

June 28, 11:13 a.m., EMS-1, Norman Road, transported

July 1, 10:19 p.m., EMS-1, Fairview Street, transported

July 2, 3:31 a.m., EMS-1, Fairview Street, transported

July 2, 10:16 a.m., EMS-2, Pemberton Avenue, transported

July2,2:04p.m. EMS- 2, East Shore Road, refused

July2,2:35p.m. EMS- 2, Blueberry Lane, transported

July2,9:37p.m. EMS- 2, Juniper Circle, transported

This week EMS had 11 runs. Two patients refused transportation and nine were transported to Newport Hospital. Calls this week included injuries due to falls, back and arm pain, difficulty breathing and lacerations.

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