2011-07-14 / Letters to the Editor

Appreciation for help with fireworks

The Rocket ’hogs would like to thank the many people who make Jamestown’s Independence Day fireworks so successful. Thanks to the Walrus, who writes of our explosive activities with such fervor; to the entire Jamestown Fire Department, who were not only “on duty” this year, but quickly put down a small fire from one of our ground displays; special thanks to Bill Piva, Jill Goldstein and especially Andrew Rushton at the Parks and Recreation Department who organize the facility; and to the lifeguards who were particularly helpful this year since we had to close the safety zone so much earlier.

Thank you to the Jamestown Police Department who dealt with large volumes of people in such an efficient way. Finally, thanks to the Jamestown Community Band, under the able direction of Beth Clarke – their rousing patriotic performance starts our show off right and helps make it the best show in the state.

Our goal is simple: We raise money to spend on fireworks for one heck of a great show. Although we do have a minimum dollar amount to raise, we’ve always tried to blow up as much of your money as possible – that’s always been the tradition of the Jamestown fireworks. (2011 was the ‘hogs fourth year, but Fourth of July firework shows have been around for 16 years.) We are most humbled by your patriotism, so generously continuing to fund this event. Without you there would be no celebration and we are sincerely thankful for all your support.

See you on the beach next year. Mark your calendars: July 7, 2012.

Gregg Charest, Bob Bailey and Kerry Sheehan

The Rocket ’hogs

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