2011-07-21 / Letters to the Editor

NKHS is ‘premier’ high school in state

When I assumed my position as principal of North Kingstown High School one year ago, I summed up my vision statement as follows: We must continue to provide a first-class educational experience for our students while working in partnership with families and operating in a fiscally responsible manner.

During the past year, I have tried to provide stable leadership for a school that I believe, as many do, is worthy of being mentioned among the best high schools in our nation. I am confident that over the next few years we will continue to provide the first-class educational experience that Jamestown parents, students and community members should expect while meeting whatever challenges come our way.

Here are just a few of the reasons why I believe that NKHS is the premier public high school in our state:

Students at NKHS are truly exposed to a wellrounded educational experience. The instruction they receive from our high-quality staff is second to none; our advanced placement offerings rival any public high school; our facilities are topnotch; and our athletic and extracurricular programs allow students to compete and excel against the top levels of competition in our state.

Students enter NKHS as freshmen from three middle schools. They leave us after four years having developed skills and friendships that will last their lifetimes. Many choose to go on to some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in our nation while others choose to travel down different paths to reach their goals for success.

Our test scores and overall graduation rate, despite areas in need of improvement, rank in the top 10 percent of Rhode Island high schools in almost every category. (NKHS did not make Adequate Yearly Progress in 2011 because our graduation rate for special education students in 2009 and 2010 was below the acceptable level. We thoroughly investigated why this occurred and have developed an action plan for remediation.) We will continue to look for ways to build upon our successes while focusing on the areas we know we need to improve upon to allow NKHS to continue to enjoy the reputation it deserves as a first-class educational institution.

We will continue to do all of this while working in partnership with families and operating in a fiscally responsible manner.

For those of you who have or will have children attending North Kingstown High School, I look forward to working with you in the coming years. For those of you without children at North Kingstown High School, I encourage you to contact me or stop by at any time to see the great things happening at the premier public high school in our state. I am proud to be the leader of this fine institution.

Tom Kenworthy
North Kingstown
High School

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