2011-07-21 / Letters to the Editor

Simplicity of Ft. Getty what makes it special

I’d like to weigh in on behalf of the campers at Fort Getty and on keeping the simplicity that makes it such a great location.

On the practical side, putting an end to a perpetual income of $300,000 given our future pension obligations and other increasing costs seems foolhardy at best. An estimated increase of $50 to $100 to property taxes is not insignifi- cant to all Jamestowners. Even if the $1 million needed for improvements is correct, the camping revenue would cover all of it in a few years. Expelling campers because we’ve put the revenue in the general fund while neglecting maintenance pretty much speaks for itself.

More importantly, the campground is one of Jamestown’s communities and says a great deal about our ability to share the island with people who can’t afford the six- or seven-figure entry fee to live here full time. I encourage people to actually get to know some of the campers before voting in favor of their elimination.

A spot like Fort Getty attracts the dreams and plans of many groups and individuals. Those who are selected should neither change the character of the area nor restrict access to any part by the public. Allowing the sailing school to operate under town control and without fencing seems like a reasonable experiment to that end.

I urge the Town Council to work in the direction of keeping Fort Getty the simple and enjoyable experience that it has been for generations of Jamestowners.

Christopher Smeraldi
Union Street

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