2011-07-28 / Letters to the Editor

Do not take rights of boaters away

As I approached Dutch Harbor in my boat I was amazed at the beauty I saw: Dutch Harbor, the calm water, the boats, the rolling hills and the blue sky. All of the scenery that belongs on a postcard to send home.

My wife and I have been enjoying this island and all it has to offer for the past 12 years. Not only all of the natural beauty, but we were here to enjoy the man-made exciting spectacle of the Fourth of July fireworks. What a celebration of our country’s independence.

The celebration of independence soon came to an end. The harbormaster spread the word to end the celebration. The town of Jamestown had created a conservation area and anchoring was no longer allowed. The harbormaster was very polite as he explained that boaters no longer had the most basic of rights of navigation.

The navigable waterways of this country belong to the people. Jamestown, protect your beautiful island but do not take the rights of boaters away.

Joseph Pac
Valley View Drive
Westfield, Mass.

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