2011-07-28 / Letters to the Editor

Heroes living right ‘across the street’

We have been summer residents of Jamestown since 2004 on Grinnell Street. You can’t imagine our joy every time we drive over the Jamestown Bridge to spend time on the island and experience its beauty, relaxed lifestyle and the community.

The residents and particularly our neighbors on Grinnell have been welcoming, inclusive and we have never once experienced a feeling that we were just “summer people.”

This was exemplified recently when our eldest daughter, who is working in the area this summer, experienced a medical emergency.

Neither of us was in Jamestown at the time so we called our neighbors, Bob and Doreen Bryer, and asked for their help. They and our daughter’s friend, Jake Heady of Portsmouth, assisted her, accompanied her to Newport Hospital, and waited through the night until we could get to Jamestown.

We hear about heroes every day. We didn’t realize that we had heroes living across the street from us.

We would like to thank Bob and Doreen Bryer, Jake Heady and the Jamestown EMS for helping us when we needed them most.

Don, Lauren and Kate
Grinnell Street

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