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This Week In Island History

Week of August 25
Compiled by Sue Maden

The news of 10 and 15 years ago is from the Jamestown Press. The news of 100 years ago came from the collection of the Newport Historical Society.

100 years ago

From the Newport Journal, Aug. 25, 1911

A movement looking toward moving the Casino building on Shoreby Hill to the lot between the Chandler cottage and the south entrance to the park is progressing favorably.

A meeting was held recently to consider the creation of a club in the nature of a casino. The scheme covers a clubhouse, with ample facilities for social events and elaborate bathing houses, rooms for musicians, amateur theatricals and possibly a good restaurant for lunches and dinners and for dances.

The Jamestown Improvement Society is busy with the work of making the town attractive. It had its men at work since May, putting the sidewalks in order and mowing grass, and has continued to this time. New paths have been erected at the west ferry and the men are now cutting the wild growth on the sides of the beautiful forest on North road at Conanicut Park. When this is completed the road around the lighthouse at Beaver Tail (sic) will be put in good condition.

75 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 21, 1936

When the carnival of water sports sponsored by the Conanicut Yacht Club of Jamestown opens Saturday morning, 16 events will take place. (There were to be diving, swimming, tug-of-war, relay team, obstacle race, skiff race, and canoe race with brooms.)

The competitive dance at the Beavertail Country Club Saturday evening will be preceded by a Dutch treat supper.

From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 29, 1936

[At the town council meeting] it was voted that the proprietor of the Palace Theatre obtain a license for said theatre, the fee being $50.

50 years ago

From the Newport Daily News, Aug. 28, 1961

The annual Jonny Cake Day lunch at the Old Windmill in Jamestown was a successful affair with about 400 guests. They were served by members of the Jamestown Historical Society under the direction of James Little, chairman and newly elected president.

From the Newport Daily News,

Aug. 31, 1961

The regular School Committee rules apply, requiring that every child be properly dressed and neat in appearance. The following are not permitted: the wearing of dungarees, leotards or hoop type skirts; the use of lipstick, fad haircuts for boys, cleats on shoes or boots and the wearing or using anything that distracts.

25 years ago

From the Newport Daily News,

Aug. 22, 1986

East Ferry Wharf has a different look today. The Narrows, the 545-ton vessel that has been a fixture at the wharf since 1971, was towed across Narragansett Bay Thursday morning to Newport Offshore. Unconfirmed reports indicate the boat is being repaired in preparation for a move to Providence where it would once again be used as a floating restaurant.

From the Newport Daily News,

Aug. 23, 1986

A new traffic record was set on the Newport Bridge Friday when 24, 350 vehicles crossed the 2.13-mile stretch heading into or out of Newport. Observers said traffic was bumper-tobumper on Jamestown between the Newport Bridge and the Jamestown Bridge from 5 to 9:30 p.m. Sunday night. (Thousands were attracted to Newport for the JVC Newport Jazz Festival, The International Jumping Derby, the Wooden Boat Show and several other local events.)

15 years ago

From the Jamestown Press,

Aug. 22, 1996

Twenty adults and six juniors participated this past weekend in the second annual Jamestown Island Paddle ’96, which featured strong winds, teamwork, and perseverance.

After four years and a good deal of controversy, the new ball field at the former intersection of Eldred Avenue and East Shore Road will open Sunday, Aug. 25, with a half-hour dedication ceremony slated for noon.

Town officials are interested in talking to Newport Electric Corporation about the possibility of putting all the utility lines on Narragansett Avenue underground.

10 years ago

From the Jamestown Press,

Aug. 23, 2001

Sitting as the Water and Sewer Commissioners, the Town Council Monday heard an engineer report on several ways the town’s water supply can be further increased, but even the least expensive major plan would cost about $1 million.

Friends of Jamestown Skaters, incorporated in July, is kicking off fundraising efforts with a T-shirt booth at the Fools’ Rules Regatta on Saturday, Aug. 25.

Jamestown’s first organized sand castle competition was a big success according to volunteer organizer Elizabeth Hazard. More than 50 entries, made by over 200 people, were judged last Saturday as a crowd of sand castle enthusiasts looked on.

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