2011-08-25 / News

Collection for hazardous waste next month in N.K.

On Saturday, Sept. 10, the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation will host an Eco-Depot collection for household hazardous waste from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. Residents can leave poisons, oil paints, propane gas tanks and mercury products at the North Kingstown Department of Public Works on Davisville Road.

Eco-Depot is a free service for Rhode Islanders and appointments are required to reduce waiting times in line. To make Eco-Depot convenient for all Rhode Islanders, RIRRC holds Eco-Depot collections in every part of the state.

Eco-Depot is RIRRC’s popular household hazardous waste program. Nearly all households have some amount of hazardous waste stored in sheds, garages and basements. Any product that is flammable, combustible, explosive, toxic, corrosive, poisonous and hazardous to health qualifi es as waste. Examples are oil-based paint, fluorescent light bulbs, lawn chemicals, pesticides, antifreeze, pool chemicals, turpentine, muriatic acid, propane gas tanks and fire extinguishers. They are banned from landfill disposal because they can pollute the environment if discarded improperly.

Most pollution in the United States is caused by many small sources, especially by the improper disposal of household hazardous wastes. The hazardous waste that RIRRC collects is safely packed and shipped by professional hazardous materials technicians, then sent to several facilities that specialize in the disposal of the waste. From there, materials are separated and classified by types; some paints may be re-pigmented for some industrial uses while solvents or flammables are burned to produce energy. Others may be shipped to special hazardous waste landfills.

A complete list of eligible materials can be found on rirrc.org. To make an appointment, call 942-1430.

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