2011-09-01 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds


It has been a long wait, and once again we seem to have dodged the bullet. Hurricane Irene wrecked her havoc mostly elsewhere, and left Conanicut Island largely unscathed.

Jamestown’s last severe blow from a tropical storm was 20 years ago, in 1991, when Hurricane Bob struck the island. I am grateful that the blow sustained from Irene this past weekend was relatively modest, and that the long wait will continue.

My “first” hurricane was in 1954, when Hurricane Carol struck this island with tremendous destructive force. I was nine years old. For my siblings and me, what we experienced that day, as we rode out the storm with our parents in our shorefront home, is seared into our memories. It binds us together as a family, even today, nearly 60 years later.

Confronting a disaster, communities and families do come together to help each other in ways great and small . That seems to be the only positive thing that one can say about these storms.

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