2011-09-15 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds

BY JOHN A. MURPHY jamurphy@jamestownlawyer.com

Among the issues being discussed around town is a desire for a vigorous enforcement of the speeding law on town roads, with less focus on the cross-island highway which appears to have been designed for safe travel at a speed well above 40 mph.

We also hear residents express hope for a very stern approach to distracted drivers, those who deliberately endanger all near their vehicles while they text, use the phone, eat, read, et cetera. The $85 fine for what can only be described as reckless driving seems ridiculously low. Why not simply charge offenders with reckless driving?

Another common complaint one hears involves impatient drivers who, without first coming to a stop at an intersection, roll right past the stop line, carelessly inducing fear in other motorists. This thoughtless practice is particularly problematic in Jamestown, where there is obstructed vision at many intersections.

Maybe we need periodic retraining and requalification of drivers. Some among us don’t seem to be capable of self-regulation.


Some readers may have missed the last line of the Sept. 8 column due to a printing mishap. Below is the final paragraph of the column. The complete column is available online. Search “Archive” for Scattering Seeds.

9. During the combined terms of the three prior presidents, all white, the national debt more than doubled, and the national debt ceiling was repeatedly unconditionally raised.

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