2011-09-15 / Letters to the Editor

Fort Getty campers helped build island

Do you remember when Jamestown was a bluecollar working-class community? When the majority of residents were fishermen and farmers, electricians and plumbers, teachers and accountants. When families without New York or Philadelphia money could come and visit, fish and swim and camp. I do. It was not that long ago.

Now, the last bastion of our community spirit, our respect for those who can no longer afford a million dollar house, for those less fortunate than us, who helped build our town is being threatened with the closure of the Fort Getty campground. We are not talking about trailer trash. We are talking about families who have been coming to Fort Getty longer than most of us have lived here.

Personally, I moved here in 1981. I cannot recall a single incident involving Fort Getty summer residents. I am sure there have been some, but not a lot. And certainly not more than we read about every week in the Jamestown Press involving full-time residents. Most of those who summer here whom I have met in McQuade’s or at the beach or laundromat have been interesting people from all walks of life. They are polite, respectful and proud of Jamestown.

I for one am ashamed that we are now considering driving them away. I hope you are as well and will not allow it to happen. That means voting on any referendum proposed to end the campground.

Jerrold Rosenberg, MD

Highland Drive


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