2011-09-22 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds


There is an important program coming up on October 13 at the Jamestown Philomenian Library. In this program, a career police officer will argue that “the US war on drugs is a selfperpetuating constantly expanding policy disaster.”

To understand that this position has attracted adherents among all segments of the political spectrum, consider that this presentation will be hosted in Jamestown by former State Representative and Chairwoman of the State Republican Committee Norma Willis, and Reverend Jim Keller, a self-described “left Democrat.”

Reverend Keller recently wrote an editorial published in The Providence Journal in which he marshaled a powerful set of arguments in support of the abolition of criminal penalties for the possession of drugs. Contact the email address above if you want a copy of that editorial.

All who are interested in having a sane and civilized society, one based upon sound principles of ethics and practicality, would do well to attend this program brought to us by these civic-minded long-time Jamestowners.

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