2011-09-22 / Letters to the Editor

Campground should be put to referendum

I’d like to heartily thank Bill Sprague and Jerrold Rosenberg for their excellent letters to the Press regarding the Fort Getty campers (Sept. 15, 2011: “Fort Getty campers help local business” and “Fort Getty campers helped build island”).

Mr. Sprague’s revenue figures are more accurate than previously quoted. Actually, my research shows the net has climbed closer to $400,000 this year. And like Dr. Rosenberg, I’m ashamed that we are even considering driving the campers away. Most Jamestowners I know feel the same way and I’m hoping that a referendum will keep that handful of people from destroying what has always been an integral part of the charm and economy of our island.

Whatever the outcome, we owe it to the campers to decide soon so they can make summer plans for future seasons. RVs deteriorate. Several campers need to purchase new ones but cannot.

Why? Because we’re doing our usual Jamestown thing: sitting on the fence.

Barbara Whitford

Galley Street


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