2011-09-22 / Letters to the Editor

Recent tour of Fox Hill Farm a success

This year the Jamestown Historical Society’s annual House Tour Weekend began at a member’s party on Sept. 16 at the beautiful home of Nonie and William O’Farrell on Fort Getty Road.

The 97 guests that attended enjoyed the house, grounds, beautiful views and the idyllic surroundings of Beaverhead Farm. We are most grateful to the O’Farrells for allowing us the opportunity to gather in such an exquisite setting.

On Sept. 17, we crossed Fort Getty Road to Fox Hill Farm that was generously opened to us by owners Patrick Driscoll and Gemma Craig. There we were able to see the exceptional results of their careful, respectful and thoughtful preservation efforts in the meticulously restored Farmhouse.

They also allowed us to tour “The Crickets,” a wonderful summer bungalow, as well as the historic Cottrell cemetery, both located on the property. We thank them for their warm hospitality that enabled over 125 people to enjoy these wonderful homes, pastures, views and the peacefulness of this very special place.

A special thanks to all our volunteers who made all of this possible and to those of you who attended that made the events of the weekend such a great success.

The mission of the Jamestown Historical Society is to collect, preserve and share with others the heritage of Jamestown. This annual fundraiser helps us tremendously in accomplishing our goals and we thank you for your support.

Linnea Petersen


Jamestown Historical Society

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