2011-09-22 / Letters to the Editor

Some islanders need extra water to launch

When I went before the Harbor Management Commission this summer with my concerns about the new boat ramp at Fort Getty, they told me the new design was to keep the slope the same as the old one. I told them it was not since I could not launch my boat at high tide, which I could easily do before. They said they would look into it.

Well upon reading the harbormaster’s comments in the Jamestown Press (Sept. 15, 2011: “Harbormaster discusses Irene, Fort Getty boat ramp, moorings”), he concedes that it did change and that we lost about 6 inches of water.

He also mentions that some boats only need 6 inches of water over their last roller to launch. From his statement, it just reinforces the fact of how critical 6 inches of water can be. At low tide there is a problem for most everyone there as they decided not to spend the money or wait for the permits to dredge.

For those of you that can use the ramp, I feel good for you since you have a well-constructed ramp where you can conveniently park your trailer after launching. For those of us that needed that extra 6 inches of water to launch, we are left either buying a new trailer or modifying our existing one. This is too bad since the original slope was not supposed to change.

While discussions are ongoing about what to do with Fort Getty with mentions of sailing centers, wedding banquet halls and year-round bathrooms, is it too much to ask that we have a functional ramp that has proper slope, one we do not have to worry about the tides and have a floating dock where people (especially the elderly) can safely get on and off their boats. I think not.

Russell J. Paskoski

Clarkes Village Road


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