2011-09-22 / Letters to the Editor

Too few people get to experience Fort Getty

It was interesting to read about Dr. Rosenberg’s comments in last week’s Jamestown Press (Sept. 15, 2001: “Fort Getty campers held build island”). That is, not allowing “those less fortunate than us who have been coming to town for more years than most of us have lived here.”

It is true, most of the trailer campers have been coming here and enjoying that spectacular land for 10 to 30 years. There are approximately 102 of them; 68 of the 102 don’t even live in Rhode Island. Thirty-four are at least Rhode Island residents.

I find it difficult to understand why one would want to give this beautiful spot to others and not to Jamestown residents. Even going down the path Dr. Rosenberg suggests, then why share it with only 102 campers for the whole season?

If one believes we should continue our benevolence and give it to “those less fortunate than us,” we would do better to allow only a two-week stay at the park each year so others from Rhode Island or possibly other states who are less fortunate also have a chance to enjoy Fort Getty for two weeks rather than have only 102 families enjoy it for years.

Yes, let’s have a referendum so all the taxpayers of Jamestown can make the decision. Perhaps those who are less-fortunate Jamestown taxpaying residents who cannot afford property on the water will have the opportunity to enjoy that spectacular land.

Richard Ventrone

Nautilus Street


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