2011-09-29 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds



The wisdom of a great thinker of the past can be a most helpful guide to understanding the present, sometimes providing more timely and cogent observations than contemporary commentators. Consider the words of Samuel L. Clemens (also known as Mark Twain), as quoted by the great Hal Holbrook, in a radio interview this week:

“Great republics do not last. Whatever has been the rule in history may be depended upon to remain the rule. History repeats itself. Vast power and wealth corrupt a nation. It incites dangerous ambitions and could bring the republic down. It can pack the Supreme Court with members friendly to its purpose, rundown the Congress, and crush the people’s voice. This has been a strange panic. It’s like a blight, a paralysis, in which a mighty machine has slipped its belt and is still running.”

Most timely, don’t you agree?

So, in parting, two thoughts: first, consider carefully the threat posed by those, who for narrow political gain, would empower and unleash the destructive forces seen all-too-frequently throughout the history of civilization.

Second, hug a history teacher!

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