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The Walrus Says


“R ichard III,” William

Shakespeare’s most vicious villain on a quest for power, comes to the Jamestown Arts Center Monday night, Oct. 3, at 7:30.

Sponsored by the Brown University/ Trinity Rep MFA Programs, the play is directed by Ryan Purcell. A historical drama, “Richard III” depicts a man tormented by a physical deformity, but armed with a dangerously sharp wit. Richard stops at nothing to attain the crown of England from its rightful heirs: cheating, deceiving and murdering, among other unscrupulous deeds. Once he accedes to power and takes totalitarian rule over England, the play quickly turns tragic, featuring some of Shakespeare’s most clever and provocative soliloquies.

Brian Mertes, head of the Brown/Trinity MFA in Directing, explained, “This is strippeddown Shakespeare. We asked the directors to create an experience focused primarily on the actors and the text. Working with found materials and objects, clothes from the actors’ closets, and the freedom to test the boundaries of Shakespeare in performance, we asked the second-year MFA actors and directors to take their explorations and investigations into their surrounding communities. Jamestown Arts Center seemed like the ideal place to start.”

The $10 tickets will be available at the door.


On a lighter note, the Jamestown Community Theatre is in rehearsals for its November production of “The Wizard of Oz.” One of the most difficult of roles is that of Toto, Dorothy’s K-9 companion, who steals the spotlight whenever he’s on stage.

With no previous acting experience, Beaux came out for the part of Toto and was selected to play the role after his first audition ever.

We were able to catch up with Beaux when he was on a treat break and are able to bring you this exclusive interview.

Q: How do you feel about your part as Toto?

A: I am having a wonderful time with the cast and crew. They are all very sweet, especially Dorothy played by Anza. She gives me treats.

Q: Is it hard to pretend you live in Kansas?

A: Actually, I was born in Kansas.

Q: What do you like to do during the day when you aren’t rehearsing?

A: I enjoy eating out, long walks on the beach and hanging out with my feline friends at home, KoKo, Meatball, Mitty and Chica.

Q: What do you do to prepare for your role?

A: I sit, lie down, stay and ride in the basket of my owner’s bicycle. With a helmet, of course.

Q: What are you looking forward to the most during the production?

A: Giving out my pawtograph.

We thanked Beaux as he ran back to the rehearsal to be ready for his next appearance on stage.

He had come a long way from a pet store window, and now he was back in Kansas.

Woof! Break a paw!


What is happening to our island? Grandson Tom’s car was damaged while parked on Pemberton Avenue last week. The right side was banged in by a very heavy instrument. It wasn’t a hit-and-run accident, it was done deliberately. Two nights later Tom was in the house when he heard glass shattering. Going outside he saw that someone had taken out the passenger side window of his car with a hammer. This has upset all of us and for the first time in the 30- some years that we have lived in our house, we now lock up everything at night. After the incidents we learned that the car of another island young man had been actually turned over in his driveway, totaling the vehicle.

It must be a gang of deranged individuals doing the damage; it takes more than one person to turn over a car. If you see a group of young people hanging around your neighborhood, call the police.


Maggie Bulmer and Kath O’Neill had last week’s poser. It is “Abba Dabba Honeymoon,” made popular primarily by Debbie Reynolds. Kath also had the previous week’s poser, “I’m Sorry,” and I’m sorry but she missed the deadline.



I tuned into Monday Night Football last week at the scheduled starting time of 8:15. I was then bombarded with 15 minutes of nonsensical commercials. I tuned out – enough is enough.

I don’t understand all the fuss about Rep. Gordon’s criminal background. It would seem he fits in nicely with many of his fellow assemblymen.

For some reason, celebrity is worshiped by Americans. They are just people, though some are not very nice people.

Why do we send billions of dollars to other countries? Aren’t they now old enough to take care of themselves.

The country is broke but we read every day about federal grants here, federal grants there, federal grants everywhere. Spend, spend, spend. There’s no end to it.



Don’t get suspicious,

Now don’t be suspicious,

Babe, you know you are a friend of mine,

And you know that it’s true,

That all the things that I do,

Are gonna come back to you in your sweet time.


The Jamestown Warrior reports that Bingo Night returns to the Melrose multipurpose room Friday, Sept. 30, from 6 to 8. The fun family event will offer pizza and snacks for sale and prizes will be awarded for winning cards. It’s sponsored by the PTO and adult supervision is required.


October is Italian American Heritage and Culture Month, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, National Arts and Humanities Month, National Disability Employment Awareness Month, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and National Energy Awareness Month.


Be true!


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