2011-10-06 / Editorial

Obey speed limits so children are safe

Why is everyone going so fast? I walk my dogs several times a day along Southwest Avenue, Narragansett Avenue, High Street, Howland Avenue and many other side streets. I can’t believe how fast people are driving in town. I don’t think many of you even realize that you are going as fast as you are.

I spoke with a neighbor, who was driving down my little side street very fast, and she told me she didn’t even realize how fast she was going. We have children out playing on our street. The speed limit on these roads is 25 mph.

I realized earlier in the year that I was driving fast. I started walking my dogs and realized how fast I was going. Now, I watch my speedometer. I don’t want to hit an animal and especially a child.

We all need to slow down. I’m talking to everyone: visitors and Jamestowners I see everyday. For example, on Southwest Avenue the speed limit is 25 mph and many people are driving down the street traveling 55 mph, and some even faster than that. One morning at 8:04 a.m. I observed a big black SUV traveling so fast all I could tell was there was a woman driving it. I couldn’t even read the license plate because it was going so fast.

Someone tell me why? Was she late for work? This was summer time. Imagine if there were children riding their bikes or skateboards on the road at that time. I have seen people who drive around with headsets on both ears, which is against the law. People go through our four-way stop without stopping and people are always on cell phones. I am concerned that this carelessness is going to cause a serious accident.

Please be aware of how fast you are going and slow down. I don’t wish to read in the Jamestown Press about a serious accident involving a pedestrian. Consider why you are here – perhaps you enjoy the slower pace of the island, but even if you don’t, please obey the speed limits and other traffic laws. They are posted for a reason.

Pam Carr

Antham Road


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