2011-10-06 / Editorial

Scattering Seeds

BY JOHN A. MURPHY jamurphy@jamestownlawyer.com

It is a sacrilege!

I refer to talk of secession one hears in political discussions these days. Have the speakers, those who obliquely threaten this “nuclear option”, forgotten that more than 600,000 Americans died in a war to preserve our Union, a war intended to settle forever the question as to whether the United States would remain a single integral unit.

Posing the possibility of secession, on account of this or that purportedly intolerable condition, is seemingly casually (not deliberately) undertaken. However, it is definitely done for partisan purposes: a tossing of red meat to the angry base. The listeners, whose ire is easily triggered, soak it up. The mob lacks a sense of discretion, cheering all sorts of abhorrent occurrences and policies.

And they are being led to what end?

Some offended by talk of secession might over-reach, and opine that promoting it is seditious or treasonous. That is a bad road to go down. Freedom of speech, particularly political speech, is at the heart of our free Republic.

Better to counter by pointing to basic truths laid down by our great leaders of the past. Go back 67 years before Abraham Lincoln uttered the stirring words of the Gettysburg Address. Read again President George Washington’s 1796 Farewell Address. Note exactly how forcefully he called out those who would promote division at the expense of the Union. Contact me if you want a copy.

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