2011-10-20 / Letters to the Editor

Arts center is a great asset to community

I am writing this letter to acknowledge the wonderful people who have worked so hard to bring our community the Jamestown Arts Center.

This past summer our three girls, ages 7, 6 and 5, had the opportunity to attend summer camp at the JAC, and what a fabulous experience they had. The program was well organized and thought out, and the projects that the girls worked on were true works of art.

The girls loved that they were able to “go green” by using recycled materials in creating their art pieces. Of course, I could not write this letter without also recognizing Haley, my children’s camp teacher. She has such a wonderful, easy way with the kids, and is a true inspirational teacher.

We are so lucky to have the Jamestown Arts Center in our community. I would highly encourage those residents who have not yet had the chance to explore the JAC to go down, check it out, and try a class (or two).

Karen Carnevale

Bridgeview Drive


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