2011-10-27 / Editorial

Have a safe Halloween

Halloween is Monday and there will be lots of trick or treaters making the rounds of Jamestown homes. Here are a few tips to make the event a good one:

• Youngsters should wear masks that do not block their vision. In addition, costumes should not inhibit walking. It is easy to trip in long, flowing robes.

• Young trick or treaters should always carry flashlights. Young ones should be accompanied by adults.

• Watch for traffic! Just because you can see vehicles does not mean that the drivers can see you.

• Only visit those homes with their front porch lights on. Travel in groups.

And a few tips for those welcoming Halloweeners:

• Turn on your front porch light.

• Make sure the walkway to your front door is clear and that there is nothing blocking the way on which someone might trip.

• Pets and trick or treaters do not mix. Keep your dogs away from the Halloweeners.

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